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Welcome To Augmented Reality, Inc.

Augmented Reality, Inc. makes digital information stream from the label of your product to your customers smartphone.

By offering communicative packaging via our patented technology, we allow you to expand the value proposition to your consumer and take advantage of the macro trends in mobile internet, casual gaming, cloud computing, and the smartphone ecosystem.

You are limited only by your own imagination to create an experience that encourages customer participation and a unique opportunity to build a relationship with that end customer that expands normal consumer product experiences.

Reach out to us today to see how we can help you increase customer loyalty and create greater profits.

Our Crazy Skills

Augmented Reality 90
AR Videos 95
Virtual Reality 85
App Promotion 75

Meet Our Team

John Wolthuis
John WolthuisPresident
Bio Coming Soon
Bill McPhail
Bill McPhailCOO
Bio Coming Soon